Inner Ankle

MEDIAL ANKLE LIGAMENTS The inside of your ankle contains a multitude of important structures. In fact, nearly every anatomical structure on the bottom of your foot extends to the inside of your ankle. For example, the nerves, arteries and veins in the tarsal tunnel are responsible for the blood supply and sensation to the weight bearing part of your foot. The medial (aka inner) ankle contains four tendons, three joints, four major arteries and nerves, seven ligaments. For these reasons, it is quite common for physicians to misdiagnose conditions in this region. Common conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Posterior Tibial (PT) Tendonitis/PT Tendon Dysfunction – The PT tendon is possibly the most important tendon affecting the foot.  It extends behind our ankle bone and inserts underneath the midfoot, acting as a pulley to hold up our arch.  Any minor inflammation or injury to this structure can cause tearing and elongation over time, which can possibly cause your arch to collapse and develop progressive deformity.  For these reasons, it is essential that you are properly diagnosed and treated early in the process to prevent further damage.  When these conditions become chronic, more advanced conservative and surgical intervention may be necessary.
    • Flexor Tendinitis
    • Deltoid Ligament sprain/rupture
    • Tibial/Malleolar stress fracture
    • Tarsal Tunnel syndrome   
    • Ankle arthritis
    • Subtalar arthritis

Our surgeons at the Foot & Ankle Group are board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, with the experience and skill to properly diagnose and fix your condition.  Furthermore, our offices contain the ability and resources to design and dispense state of the art custom orthotics and bracing based on our state of the art 4D scanning system.