Back of Ankle/Leg

Back of Ankle/Leg Achilles tendon injuries can be one of the most devastating conditions if left untreated.  The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body.  Unfortunately, it’s blood supply is limited and any compromise to this important structure can progress to a more stubborn chronic condition.  The tendon can suffer total or partial rupture during sporting activities but can also occur in more sedentary people with a seemingly benign movement or shift in direction.  An insidious event can cause a small tear within the tendon that can advance to a progressively worse condition.

Symptoms in the back of the ankle and leg are not limited to the Achilles tendon. Pain in this area can originate from arthritis, accessory bone or muscle, nerve entrapment and other less common conditions.  We recommend seeing one of our physicians for a thorough evaluation and effective treatment.