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Diabetic Ulcer In Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, PA

Diabetic Ulcer In Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, PA 

If you or a family member is diabetic, it is so important that blood glucose remains well controlled. It is imperative that the Hemoglobin A1C is maintained below 7 to best prevent the complications that are common with diabetes. Unfortunately, 1 in every 6 diabetics will develop a diabetic foot ulcer in their lifetime. If you have an ulcer history, there is a significantly increased chance you will develop another ulcer. Without proper care, an ulcer may become infected and progress to devastating complications. If you have an ulcer or are at risk of developing an ulcer, it is important to see a skilled foot and ankle specialist that you can rely on to have experience with the most complex foot complications.

At The Foot & Ankle Group, our physicians pride ourselves on dealing with the most complex foot, ankle and leg infections. Our group are the primary consultant surgeons called in to evaluate and treat any foot complication that is seen across 5 hospital systems encompassing south jersey and northeast Philadelphia.

Our physicians are the dominant presence at multiple wound care centers. For example, Dr. Maureen Clinch is the medical director of the Virtua Wound Healing Center in Mt Holly and Dr. Michael Miller is the lead podiatrist at the Jefferson Northeast Wound Healing Center. Our physicians have over 100 combined years of cumulative experience at wound centers. Many leading diabetic foot experts across the country have been trained by and utilize techniques perfected by Drs. Clinch, Miller, Dougherty and Shinder over the years.

Call (215) 332-5300 for more information on how to treat a diabetic ankle ulcer at The Foot & Ankle Group, PC in Philadelphia, PA. For Our Mount Laurel, NJ office, call (856) 234-0195.