Common Ankle Problems

Ankle Conditions Ankle Conditions In Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, PA

Ankle Conditions Ankle Conditions In Mount Laurel, Philadelphia, PA

We all periodically sustain minor ankle sprains and bruises, and the pain and swelling from these injuries should subside with RICE protocol.  However, signs that you may need to seek medical attention include

  • Excessive swelling
  • Excessive bruising
  • Unable to bear weight on injured limb
  • Pain that lasts longer than 7-10 days
  • Open wound from injury

Our physicians at The Foot & Ankle Group are trained and take call at hospital trauma centers, with experience from minor sprains to surgical care of complex fractures/injuries of the ankle and leg.  

Ankle pain that comes on spontaneously without injury can indicate serious conditions such as Gout and Septic Arthritis.  We recommend seeing one of our physicians for a thorough evaluation and expedient treatment if needed. 

Many people suffer with chronic ankle conditions.  Our ankle and hindfoot joints sustain the load of our body weight over the years of hard work we endure. Its not unsurprising that our joints and their surrounding structures may degenerate, leading to chronic conditions.  These conditions may start with a prior injury, while others manifest and worsen over time.   Any pain or deformity that is present for several months or years is abnormal, and our physicians at The Foot & Ankle Group specialize in all conservative and surgical treatments to properly diagnose and address your specific condition.  Its never too late to think that the pain of your long-standing condition can be eliminated. 

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