What to Do for Ankle Pain?
October 23, 2015
Category: Foot Health
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Don’t let ankle pain keep you from living your life.

At some point in most of our lives we will deal with ankle pain. Whether you’ve taken on a new workout regime or you twisted your ankle walking down the street, ankle pain can be the result of many activities. If you are currently dealing with ankle pain find out how to combat your symptoms and when it’s necessary to see your Philadelphia podiatrist.

Ankle pain can be brougWhat could be causing my ankle pain?ht about by countless conditions so it’s important that you seek medical attention from your Philadelphia foot doctor so you know exactly what condition you are dealing with. Here are some of the most common reasons for ankle pain:

  • Ankle sprain or strain
  • Tendinitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Fracture (This is considered a medical emergency. See us right away)
  • Dislocation (This is considered a medical emergency. See us right away)
  • Gout

How to Treat Ankle Pain

While only your Philadelphia, PA podiatrist can offer up specific treatment options to cater to your condition and symptoms here are some standard, conservative options for reducing your ankle pain:

Pain relievers: Those with more mild to moderate symptoms can often find the relief they need with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen that help reduce both pain and swelling. For those who require stronger pain medications, your Philadelphia podiatrist can prescribe the proper medication for your needs.

Rest: There is something to be said for staying off your feet, especially when you are experiencing pain. If there is any swelling present, you should also elevate your foot above your heart to combat inflammation.

Braces and orthotics: However, we don’t recommend staying off your feet for too long. Getting your muscles moving can help get blood flowing to promote healing. Therefore, if you find it difficult to get up and moving consider wearing an ankle brace to help stabilize and support tender areas while also being able to continue getting on with your life.

Icing: While ice isn’t ideal for everyone, those with strains and sprains may find that icing their injury will help alleviate their ankle pain. If you’ve been diagnosed with an acute ankle injury then consider icing several times a day for about 15-20 minutes at a time.

Ankle pain doesn’t have to take over your life. Turn to your Philadelphia foot care experts at The Foot & Ankle Group and get back to your daily activities.