Times to Seek Out a Podiatrist
By The Foot and Ankle Group PC
March 28, 2017
Category: Foot Problems

Your Philadelphia, PA, Columbus, Mount Laurel and Bordentown NJ, podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Group are well versed in diagnosing and treating many foot or ankle issues. There are countless instances where you should seek out a podiatrist to prevent infection from spreading or a minor injury becoming more serious. In these types of situations, it’s important to count on a podiatrist that can listen and respond as you need. A friendly podiatrist can help you to find the best ways to improve your health situation.

Instances to Contact a Podiatrist

Times that you should see a Philadelphia, PA, Columbus, Mount Laurel and Bordentown NJ, podiatrist include but are not limited to:

  • Changes in the skin and/or nails on the foot
  • Severe scaling, peeling, cracking on the heel and/or foot
  • Persistent, sharp pain in the ankle or foot
  • Blisters

Another common time that you should seek podiatric help immediately is if you have signs of a bacterial infection including discharge or pus from an area on your foot, increased swelling, tenderness, redness or heat, red streaks around the area, symptoms that don’t improve after two weeks, thickening uncomfortable toenails, heel pain with a fever, numbness and/or redness, tingling in the heel or persistent pain when applying pressure to the heel or athlete’s feet. These are many common problems that a podiatrist can help diagnose and treat.

If you have lingering pain with your heels, ankles or foot, it’s important to schedule a comprehensive appointment with a podiatrist at the Foot & Ankle Group. They can properly diagnose and treat your condition and can help get you back on your feet. For more information on what they can do for you, call The Foot & Ankle Group with offices in Philadelphia, PA, Columbus, Mount Laurel and Bordentown, NJ.