How to Prevent Sports Injuries
By The Foot & Ankle Group
May 21, 2015
Category: Foot Health
Tags: Sports Injuries  

Your Philadelphia podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Group offers up the best ways to prevent a sports-related foot injury from plaguing you.

No one wants to deal with a sports injury that keeps them from doing what they love; however, while sports injuries are common they can be Sports Injuriescompletely prevented just by following these simple rules:

Wear the proper shoes: While your feet are pretty amazing shock absorbers, they can only take so much pressure and ground pounding before it starts to wear on them. Therefore, it’s important to find the proper shoes for the job that will offer the cushion, support and stability you need for whatever sport you are participating in. Keep in mind that not all tennis shoes are created equally. Your Philadelphia podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Group recommend finding the proper shoe to benefit your specific activity.

Train efficiently: That phrase, “no pain no gain” is a misnomer. You shouldn’t have to experience pain and discomfort to feel like your exercise was productive. In fact, if your feet or ankles are hurting after a workout, this is a pretty good indication that something is wrong. If the soreness continues, your Philadelphia podiatrists suggest that you are pushing yourself too hard. This kind of persistent muscle soreness can cause swelling and tears. Give yourself a day or two to recuperate after a tough workout. Your body will thank you for the rest.

Stretch regularly: We often forget the importance of warming up and stretching prior to our activity; however, your Philadelphia podiatrists advise that all athletes should never skip stretching and warming up if they want to avoid injury. Since cold muscles are less flexible, we leave them prone to strains and tears when we run into the game without warming up first. A few minutes before your game begins dedicate time to jogging in place and performing light cardio to get the blood flowing to the muscles, which will increase flexibility and decrease your chance of injury.

Know when to call it quits: While no one wants to take time off from a game they love if you are experiencing pain or discomfort then it might be time to take yourself out of the game. This can be a difficult decision to make; however, this could prevent you from incurring a more serious and long-term problem. Furthermore, fatigue has also been shown to increase the chances of an injury. If you are too tired to workout, then it might be best to take a nap before your next workout or just decide to leave it until the next day.

If you are suffering from a sports-related injury then it’s time to see your Philadelphia, PA podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Group right away. Don’t let an injury keep you benched for the season. Let the doctors at The Foot and Ankle Group create a treatment plan for you that will get you back into the game you love.