Causes Of Heel Pain And How We Can Help
By The Foot and Ankle Group
August 09, 2016
Category: Foot Health
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If walking or even standing has become painful, or you feel as though your heel pain is affecting your daily life, it is probably time to see heel painyour podiatrist. However, before treating your heel pain, you and your doctor must first determine its root cause. Find out more about the causes of heel pain with your podiatrists at The Foot and Ankle Group in Philadelphia, PA.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis: The most common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue which runs from the back of the heel to the toes, becomes inflamed. The condition begins with injury to the plantar fascia or gradual everyday use which causes it to wear down and become inflamed.
  • Bone Spur: A bone spur occurs when extra bone grows on top of existing bone. The growths often occur in the heel.
  • Bursitis: Bursa are small sacks filled with fluid found on the joints in the body. When the bursa in the foot become inflamed, they become swollen and painful. Bursitis in the foot is usually located between the toes or around the area of the heel.
  • Stress Fracture: A stress fracture is a tiny crack in a bone, usually caused by repetitive motions or stress placed onto the bone. The feet take the brunt of the body’s weight, making stress fractures of the foot a common cause of heel and other foot pain.

Heel Pain Treatment in Philadelphia, PA
Some cases of heel pain simply require plenty of rest to allow the body to heal itself. At-home treatment methods such as regularly icing the foot or changing the shoes you wear may also help quell the symptoms of heel pain. However, if your heel pain becomes severe or begins to affect your daily life, you should see your podiatrist. A physical examination and x-rays or MRIs to view the bones and tissues in the foot help your podiatrist determine the cause of your heel pain. Your doctor may recommend prescription orthotics or braces, physical or injection therapy, or, in some cases, surgery to correct the problem.

For more information on diagnosing and treating heel pain in the Philadelphia, PA area, please contact your doctors at The Foot and Ankle Group. Call (215) 332-5300 to schedule your foot and ankle examination today!