After Ankle Surgery

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What Should You Do after Undergoing Ankle Surgery

Ankle surgery is a major operation. You need to be cautious during your recovery to ensure that the surgery will produce the intended results.

So, what does that mean for your daily routine?

First off, you must make resting a priority in the days and weeks following the surgical procedure. If your doctor told you to wear a protective boot for a certain period of time, make sure you follow their instructions.

Applying ice to your ankle can reduce inflammation. It’s a great way to reduce mild discomfort you may experience not long after the operation. You should also elevate your ankle whenever you are resting.

Adopting some lifestyle changes post-surgery can also speed up your recovery. Start following a balanced diet to get more nutrients in your body. This would also be a good time to drop habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

What Can You Expect Following Ankle Surgery?

The experiences people have following ankle surgery tend to be very different. That’s because different variables determine the experiences that recovering patients have.

For example, there is no set recovery period for this type of operation. In some cases, people may recover after two to three weeks. A patient's recovery period may also last for six months.

Check in with your doctor regularly to find out how your ankle is progressing.

Recovering from an ankle operation will also likely involve some rehab. Expect rehab to be a major part of your life for the next few months. Some patients have to continue rehabilitating for up to a year.

You will also have to stop working for a while. Don’t expect to return to work for at least two months unless special arrangements can be made inside your home.

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